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Frequently Asked Questions in Hot Springs

Chiropractic Care FAQs

Once I go to a chiropractor, will I always have to go?

Chiropractic care is similar to dentistry in that a back pain is similar to a tooth ache, and a disc problem is similar to crooked teeth. You go get your filling or your braces, but once those are done, if you want healthy teeth, you keep going for maintenance care. If not, you don’t have to. If you want a healthy, problem free spine, you should go in for maintenance chiropractic care. But you don’t have to.

Does a chiropractic adjustment hurt?

For most people, an adjustment – the main treatment – feels amazing! But if you have problems causing pain or severely decreased mobility already, sometimes there can be some discomfort. There should never never be serious discomfort, and any that you feel should be very brief. Our doctor is skilled at keeping patients as comfortable as possible.

Can chiropractic cure everything?

Nothing can cure everything. We do work to help your body be in optimal conditions to heal and thrive. And many conditions that you wouldn’t ordinarily think of have shown a positive response to chiropractic care.

Why would I have my newborn or young child adjusted?

A lot of trauma happens during birth and as children learn to crawl, walk, run, climb, and start taking part in organized sports. Chiropractors look for and correct the injuries and issues this causes to growing little bodies.

Does insurance cover chiropractic visits?

Many insurance policies cover chiropractic and we are in-network with most of the common companies local to our area. Medicare also offers some limited chiropractic coverage. We can check out your coverage before you come if you’d like. Just give us a call or send a text to our main number.

How much does it cost?

There is no fixed price because every patient receives the services recommended specifically for them and that they agree to. After your free consultation, we review the doctor’s recommendations in conjunction with any discounts or insurance coverage you may be eligible for before care is rendered. There is no obligation to continue after the consultation and you won’t get any surprises at checkout at our clinic.

Do I need a referral from my physician?

Other than the rare instance that your insurance plan requires a PCP referral, you do not need a referral if you feel chiropractic care could benefit you.

Do you work with medical doctors?

We don’t have any agreements or arrangements with any particular doctors, but we are part of the healthcare team for lots of patients. These days more and more doctors are comfortable referring their patients to us as they see the positive difference chiropractic is making in their patients’ lives.

Will I get adjusted on my first visit?

In most cases where a chiropractic adjustment is recommended, yes, you can be adjusted on your first visit.

Will you suggest exercises or other things I can do?

Most patient health conditions could benefit from ice, stretches, exercises, or other at-home care recommendations. We will let you know what the doctor recommends when appropriate for you.

Can someone who has had back surgery see a chiropractor?

Doctors of chiropractic are well trained to know what conditions are and aren’t safe and effective to treat. Dr. Neil will look at exam and imaging to determine what is safe and effective for patients who have had prior surgeries. Not all patients are a candidate for chiropractic adjustments, but even in these cases sometimes we can offer alternatives for healing or pain relief.

Massage FAQs

Is this covered by Insurance?

It depends on your policy whether they cover massage therapy at our clinic. We do offer the courtesy for billing policies that do.

Do I have to disrobe?

Your therapist will work with you at your level of comfort. We offer a professional room with proper draping materials and well-trained, experienced therapists to help keep you comfortable.

How much does this cost?

The cost depends on what service you get, any applicable discounts, and what your insurance policy cost-share is. We can give you more information based on your details if you give us a call or text.

Should I do anything in particular after my massage?

Go take a nap if you can! In all seriousness, the most important thing is to drink tons of water for the following 24 hours to help flush your body after a therapeutic massage. Rest is good. Ice therapy is good if you experience any soreness or swelling. Otherwise, there are no restrictions or limitations.

How does this help my Chiropractic care?

Massage therapy works on the soft tissues surrounding the bones and joints that chiropractors focus on to help you heal and stay healthy. For maintenance, acute, or corrective care, massage and chiropractic work great together.

Auto Accident FAQs

Does your office work with insurance companies?

We can provide the care and documentation that auto accident injuries require, however, we don’t take third-party settlement cases unless there is some other form of coverage. We can check your specific case and let you know your options.

Do you take x-rays?

We have the capability to take x-rays and do where clinically indicated.

How long does the initial appointment take?

It varies depending on your injuries and what services you need. Please allow 45-90 minutes.

Do you bill insurance directly?

We offer the courtesy of billing insurance and can let you know what yours would cover up front. We just need the information from your cards to be able to obtain eligibility and verification.

Do you recommend any treatments other than Chiropractic care and are these services offered in your clinic?

The care we recommend is specific to each patient’s condition. We offer many adjunctive treatments and can refer out for any we don’t offer.

What sort of injuries can happen in an accident?

We see patients with all sorts of injuries from auto accidents ranging from whiplash, to arm or leg joint injuries, to low or mid-back injuries. We can successfully treat most accident injuries, and we can help you obtain the care you need if we cannot help.

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